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At SENECA, medical specialists perform the most innovative hair restoration treatments under strict protocols. Our aim is to offer the final solution to your hair loss problem.

Hair transplant
Hair has always been an important feature of our confidence. This is why hair loss can cause intense shock and stress, emotions that often accelerate the thinning hair problem. The Direct FUE technique is a highly advanced, medical procedure tops treat hair loss. Hair transplant results last for a lifetime, providing a 100% natural look.
Eyebrows Restoration
Eyebrows are an important part of our facial expressions and our communication with other people. For various reasons though (injuries, diseases, genetic abnormalities, medical treatments, stress, etc.) their density might start reducing. Eyebrows frame the face and can make a huge difference in how we look and feel about ourselves. Overplucking, illness, trauma, scarring, and genetics are all causes of eyebrows thinning. Direct FUE can permanently restore eyebrows creating a natural, full look.
Beard Hair Transplant
Hair loss can be observed not only on men’s heads but also on their faces. In many cases, the problem also appears on the beard, and as a result, any effort made to lengthen and thicken the beard feels pointless. Many men like the look of thick facial hair. Unfortunately, not all men can grow a full beard due to genetics, injuries, or previous hair removal treatments. These kinds of issues may make it difficult or even impossible for a man to grow facial hair. Direct FUE is an effective, permanent solution available for insufficient facial hair growth. It can thicken your existing beard or fill in bald patches.
Growth Factor Injection Therapy
In many cases patients require a non-invasive solution. In such cases Factor Injection Therapy can be applied with excellent results.
Seneca products against Hair Loss
SENECA Medical Group has designed a new range of shampoos, lotions and hair supplements that strengthen the hairs delay further hairloss. The products contain natural ingredients from the Mediterranean and they are paraben free including a special composition for healthy and strong hair. All products are ideal for any type of hair and can be used by both men and women.

Personalised hair loss diagnosis system

Correct diagnosis is key to an effective hair loss treatment. For this reason, after many years of research, we created and developed the Seneca TOTAL CARE.


Thousands of patients have trusted us so far for one of the biggest changes in their lives, and the result justifies them.


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We offer revolutionary treatments against male and female hair loss, through a program that is based on and serves your needs and is designed to meet your expectations. Seneca certified specialists will contribute to the design and implementation of a personalized treatment program.

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