We are proud to announce that DHI Scotland is becoming SENECA.

About us

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Our mission at Seneca is a simple one – to change people’s lives and restore their lost self-confidence. It is our vision to lead the hair restoration industry to new heights worldwide, and offer the most advanced treatments at an affordable cost.


Seneca Medical Group’s clinics have stood the test of time and keep thriving with 35 years of experience. They are constantly evolving and empowering their position driven by the vision they began with, the mission and the values, which have grant them an international reputation. To date, has treated over 43.000 hairloss sufferers and more than 160 doctors and nurses have been trained and certified in hair restoration treatments and procedures. With the extensive research, proper diagnosis, structured training, and effective treatment, Seneca Medical Group holds the first place in innovations in the hair restoration field and is constantly developing new techniques and tools for the treatment of hair loss.

Seneca Medical Group

  • Specializes in the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss with 35 years of experience in Greece and Europe.
  • It is the No. 1 hair transplant corporation in Europe due to its elite hair restoration services and innovation techniques.
  • Seneca Medical Group has been awarded the International Business Excellence Award 2018, the Best Hair Clinic Award 2018, the ’International Hair Clinic of the year’ at the IMTJ 2018, the 2018-2019-2020-2021 Patient Service Award from WhatClinic.com, the Hair loss Clinic of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Beauty Industry Awards, the Business Excellence Award from Bizz Awards 2018, the European Business Award in 2019, the Eagles of Health Award 2021 and the Healthcare Business Award 2022.

Medical Personnel

The Direct FUE hair transplantation is performed entirely by doctors, who have been certified by the Training & Research Centre of SENECA, complied with the strict standardized protocols of Seneca Medical Group. Our doctors who perform hair restoration treatments in the UK are GMC Registered with a license to practice medicine. Also, Seneca Medical Group collaborates with European Universities in Europe and participates in the courses while maintaining an active role.

Dr Bankovska Elza

Dr Hala Ibrahim Elgmati

Dr Gounnaris George

Gartzonika Natalia

Dr Papadopoulos Fotis


Dr Paganos Apostolos

Dr Politi Mariza

Dr Scott Adrian

Dr Vourga Eleanna

Seneca Medical Group

Focuses on bringing forth innovations for hair restoration

We want to change the world of hair restoration. We invest in research and education in order to contribute to the health and well-being of all patients suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders.

Strong Corporate Social Responsibility

Seneca Medical Group offers every year:

  • Free sessions for socially disadvantaged groups.
  • Repair sessions for people with burns or scarring. People who have survived an accident or a health problem.

We support:

  • Charity events for children with cancer as well as for the fire victims of our country.
  • Paralympic athletes.

We organize:

  • Tree plantations in Greece.

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So far thousands of patients around the world put their trust on us, for one of the biggest change in their lives and the result vindicates them.

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