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Nine common myths about hair loss treatment … and one exciting truth

Hair loss is an issue that concerns many men and women. Hair loss, or thinning hair, not only affects an individual’s appearance, it can also adversely impact your self-confidence. A lack of proper information on the subject is pervasive today with many widespread myths and prejudices prevailing, which only exacerbate the problem. Here, Seneca Medical Group, […]

September 30, 2022

Hair loss is an issue that concerns many men and women. Hair loss, or thinning hair, not only affects an individual’s appearance, it can also adversely impact your self-confidence.

A lack of proper information on the subject is pervasive today with many widespread myths and prejudices prevailing, which only exacerbate the problem.

Here, Seneca Medical Group, the leading medical group for hair loss treatment in Europe, addresses the popular myths around hair loss and answers many of the most common questions we hear from our patients.

Myth Number 1: Im in the early stages of hair loss. I don’t need to do anything yet.

Seneca Medical Group offers a wide range of options which can significantly delay further hair loss and help strengthen and protect the quality of your hair. Seneca Pure is Seneca’s nutritional supplement which guarantees thicker and healthier hair. Seneca Pure also does not contain substances such as gluten, lactose, sugar, salt or artificial colours, which makes it a completely safe and natural solution.

Seneca also offers Autologous Hair Mesotherapy (PRP), which both delays additional hair loss and can promote the growth of new hair follicles in areas where the hair is thinning.

Myth Number 2: My hair loss is hereditary. Theres nothing I can do about it.”

This is the most common myth and with good reason – the problem of hair loss can indeed be hereditary. This does not mean, however, that it’s irreversible. Both the nutritional supplements and Autologous Hair Mesotherapy mentioned coupled with our patented method of hair transplantation ensure a permanent, thick, and natural result, which is able to overcome even the most aggressive hereditary hair loss.

Seneca Before After result

Myth Number 3: I don’t believe hair transplants really work.

This is one we hear all the time unfortunately due to the countless clinics, doctors, and often technicians or trainees who’ve used (and many times still use) outdated and ineffective transplant methods. Seneca uses the Direct FUE method, an evolution of the traditional FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This innovative method combined with the rigorous protocols of Seneca ensures a successful result every time.

Myth Number 4: I’ll only lose the transplanted hair again. Whats the point?

The rigorous protocols we’ve developed at Seneca to support our advanced techniques guarantee a natural, permanent result every time. We select the hair follicles to be used in the transplant one by one from the donor area using only the most modern and sophisticated tools. The hair follicles are then held at a specific temperature during the transplant procedure in a special Hypothermosol® solution, which further enhances their growth after placement. Seneca never separates, cuts, or processes the hair follicles, thus achieving the maximum germination rate. Through their meticulous system, Seneca is certain of a dense, natural and permanent result for each and every transplant performed.

Myth Number 5: “I’m worried it will be obvious I’ve had a hair transplant. How can I be sure that won’t happen to me?”

We’ve also seen these photos and cringe every time. This is yet another result of hair transplants being performed by technicians, rather than doctors, without proper training who use outdated and sometimes dangerous methods. Seneca’s Direct FUE hair transplant method uses hair follicles which are extracted individually from the back of the head and implanted individually in the hair loss area, thus ensuring a painless, natural result, incisions or marks every time. The procedure is performed only by doctors certified by the Seneca Training & Research Centre, who adhere to the strict quality protocols of the Seneca Medical Group.

Myth Number 6: Ive heard getting a hair transplant is really painful.

Seneca’s Direct FUE is a painless, minimally invasive method performed using only local anaesthesia. While undergoing hair transplants at Seneca’s state-of-the-art clinics, many of our patients watch TV or even sleep during the procedure. The only memory of the experience is a pleasant one —- the excellent, natural result of their new hair, which starts to appear after 2 months with the final and permanent results seen 8 to 12 months after the operation.

Myth 7 Number 7: I can combat my hair loss with a better diet.

While a proper and balanced diet is always helpful, problems such as hair loss, which often stem from hereditary factors unfortunately cannot be remedied with a change in diet alone. The range of Seneca’s innovative treatments and methods guarantee results at an affordable cost —- whether you’re looking for supplements alone for now, or to combine them with our Direct FUE hair transplant for a more permanent, natural result.

Myth Number 8: Im worried Ill experience an allergic reaction after the procedure.

Seneca’s Direct FUE is a completely safe procedure as rigorous protocols are followed at all of our Seneca clinics to ensure comfort and safety. 99% of patients show no complications at all following their transplant. In 1% of cases, a headache or slight sensitivity in the area where the operation was performed occurs, both of which are mild and disappear after only a few days.

Myth Number 9: Are there really any reliable hair transplantation professionals in Greece?

Seneca Medical Group is an award-winning medical services group trusted by clients from all over the world with some of the most experienced and qualified doctors and specialists in the treatment of hair loss worldwide. Due to rigorous protocols and advanced Direct FUE, Seneca is now leading Greece to become the new Silicon Valley in hair transplantation.

Seneca has already expanded to the UK with two clinics in Scotland, both in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and plans to open new clinics in France, the UK and the Netherlands by the end of 2022. Keep an eye out for upcoming signature medical tourism packages, which will allow you to combine a holiday in Greece with a top of the line hair transplant at a fraction of the cost in the US and many other countries.

Senecas Exciting Truth

Bottom Line: Don’t trust everything you read on the internet. If you want the truth on hair transplants, trust the medical professionals who’ve made it their life’s work to research this problem and develop innovative solutions that adhere to rigorous protocols to guarantee the results they promise.

If an offer online for a hair transplant package at a clinic you’ve never heard of with vague information and no mention of doctors (or where they were trained) on their website seems too good to be true, you can be sure it is.

Seneca Medical Group uses a patented Total Care System, an integrated system of diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, that ensures each client will receive a thorough, personalized recommendation for treatment according to their needs.

Seneca specialists use only the most modern diagnostic systems to individually develop each and every one of our treatment plans. If your hair loss has been bothering you for a while now and you haven’t been sure where to start, now you know an easy solution can be found in the range of affordable options available for you at Seneca.

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