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The Global Medical Director of Seneca Medical Group on CNN

Dr. George Gounnaris appeared on CNN Insights, held at the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he talked about the causes of hair loss and how it can be prevented.

June 20, 2024

Speaking to CNN Insights, Global Medical Director of Seneca Medical Group, Dr. George Gounnaris, mentioned at the beginning that «Prevention is better than cure» starting his talk about hair loss and when it can be diagnosed and prevented, as well as the related symptoms that accompany this condition.

«Complex chemical procedures are no longer required, as there are new techniques that achieve better results» said Dr. Gounnaris.

The event is part of the CNN Insights series of events, organized by CNN Greece in collaboration with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA). The theme of the speech was «Prevention and therapeutic solutions». Today, Seneca Medical Group is one of the most innovative hair loss clinics. It operates in the United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark and Romania, combining modern scientific treatment methods and new technologies. By implementing customized solutions, it stands out as one of the most dynamic companies in the sector in Europe.

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