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Hair transplant

Hair is a crucial aspect of our self-confidence, making hair loss a distressing experience that can lead to heightened stress and anxiety, exacerbating the issue. The Direct FUE technique stands as an advanced medical procedure for effectively addressing hair loss. With hair transplant results that endure a lifetime, it offers a natural appearance that instills confidence.


The objective of this technique is to extract hair follicles from the donor area located at the sides and back of the head, specifically the occipital and temporal regions. These follicles are then strategically transplanted to the area affected by hair loss, such as the forehead, middle, and crown areas (known as the recipient area). Direct FUE is a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve graft processing or the creation of reception holes prior to graft placement. Instead, it utilises a specialised implanter device to ensure precise control over the direction, depth, and angle of each graft, resulting in a 100% natural outcome. This technique effectively addresses permanent hair loss caused by factors like androgenetic alopecia.



Personalised design based on medical protocols, face proportions, needs and expectations of the patient. The hair follicles are handpicked and extracted one by one from the donor area, using a specifically designed disposable tool.


Hair follicles are kept at a specific temperature and in a special solution, the Hypothermosol®, which enhances their growth after the implantation. We do not split nor cut the grafts. With minimum handling we achieve the maximum growth rate.


Hair follicles are implanted directly into the suffering area using the Implanter, also with a diameter of 1mm or less, without having to create holes or slits. With the Implanter, doctors can control the depth, the direction and the angle of placement.

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