We are proud to announce that DHI Scotland is becoming SENECA.

Total Care by Seneca

Seneca Total Care is a comprehensive system for the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, which provides every patient the most effective and accurate solution based to each one needs. Seneca’s state-of-the-art diagnostic systems and our team of specialists prepare and present a fully personalized treatment. In the final stage of diagnosis, the scientific team of Seneca Medical Group study each case individually and plan a tailor made treatment plan offering always a unique patient experience.



The certified consultant collects the patient’s medical history and in collaboration with the Medical Team they determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate to proceed with hair transplant treatment.


Using the most innovative systems and advanced tools an in-depth examination of the patient’s scalp is performed. Calculation of the quality and density of both donor and affected area with the use of the latest devices is also carried out by the consultant.


In the final stage of diagnosis, the Medical Supervisor along with the certified consultant design and present a customised treatment plan.


We provide a comprehensive aftercare package that includes detailed post-operative instructions and up to 14 months of follow-up appointments, ensuring optimal results for our patients.

Innovative Systems of diagnosis & treatment

Seneca Medical Group has invested in Innovative Methods for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hair Loss aiming at the ultimate solution of hair restoration in men and women.

Digital Forms for Better Patient Experience

At Seneca Medical Group we use the most advanced online diagnostic system, simplifying the process of collecting data using digital patient forms.

The ultimate level of personalised process with a superior comparison image quality

At Seneca Medical Group, we employ a state-of-the-art compact photo studio to deliver a distinctive and personalised experience. Our cutting-edge photo booth features a custom background, circular LED lamp for precise lighting control, and distance indicators, ensuring consistent image capture of the patient’s exact position and distance.

Cutting edge non-invasive hair consultation

With real-time analysis, we swiftly assess critical areas of hair loss and accurately evaluate the progress of previous treatments. Utilising advanced software, we measure:

  • Hair density per cm2
  • Average hair count per follicular unit
  • Total hair width per cm2
  • Follicle count per cm2
  • Average inter-follicular distance

Direct FUE Hair Transplant

We proudly introduce the Direct FUE, a revolutionary system that surpasses the limitations of the “traditional” FUE technique.

Unlike the traditional method, where hair follicles are implanted using forceps and result in unnatural outcomes, the Direct FUE places each follicle directly in the affected area with the Implanter. This specially designed tool grants our doctors complete control over the depth, direction, and angle of each graft.

With the Direct system, there is no need for reception holes before placement, ensuring a higher growth percentage and leaving no visible marks. Our approach guarantees 100% natural results, as our strict protocols and smaller diameter instruments respect the scalp and hair follicles, providing a dense and authentic outcome with un-compromised safety.

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